I love writing! One day, I'll definitely become a professional writer, it's merely a matter of time! In the meantime, I'll sharpen my skills by writing weekly columns and articles for some of the bigger TCG magazines. This is how it started:

In late 2004, I told the editor of the biggest TCG magazine in Germany that I don't agree with most of the articles and that I could provide content of a higher quality. He put me to the test. I delivered. This is pretty much how I first got into writing.

Still in the same year, the editor of yet another magazine asked me if I was interested in coming up with an article about how to organize a tournament. The editors of this magazine must have been equally pleased with my work as they requested more articles from then on (looking back at the work, I'm not that impressed, but I got told that this is actually normal as you should get better in writing…).

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WoW TCG Worlds 2008

From then on, my passion for writing grew steadily. I started to provide articles for websites and soon took over the role of coverage team-leader, providing live-features of bigger TCG events. What once was a text-only coverage with a few brief blog-like descriptions of what happened on site turned into a detailed event report packed with articles, pictures and different multimedia-features.

In mid-2006, I started my first weekly column that was running until April 2009, when a dispute about the distribution of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game forced it to end: “Unter den Hut geschaut“. Early 2008, I started another weekly column that was supposed to end in mid-2008 when another author took over (“Schmutzige Picks“). In 2009, I started my third weekly column that is similar to “Unter den Hut geschaut”, but targeting another (WoW TCG players) audience and therefore being published on Warcraft-TCG.de: “Suppe für den soul“.

As I grew bored of “just” writing one weekly column, I took over another column on Warcraft-TCG.de aimed at players new to the game. This is my way of giving something back to the community and help new players to become more successful: “Der Versammlungsstein“.

Here are a few links in case you're interested in checking out some of my works:

The Warcraft-TCG.de Coverage overview

– I provided a lot of my best works for Warcraft-TCG.de, featuring big events like Darkmoon Faires, National Championships or even Worlds.

The eTCG.de Coverage overview

– My first works have been for eTCG.de. I still do coverage every now and then if we don't have enough writers on site.

Kartefakt Virtual

– Website of a web-magazine that featured some articles written by me (the magazine stopped being distributed in early 2010 – check out this blog post to learn some more).

Card Master Website

– Website of the most successful German TCG magazine featuring articles written by me.

Yu-Gi-Oh! World Website

– Website of the English Yu-Gi-Oh! World magazine which features some articles written by me.