Event Management

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Head Judge Austrian Nationals 2006

Everything started back in 2004. I was translating the complete Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG rulings from English to German to make sure that players with less developed English skills will be able to play the game correctly. In the process, you automatically become more or less useful as a judge as it's this person's role to know about the rules of the game. Therefore, I often got invited to tournaments, acting as Head Judge and making sure that the flow of the event won't be interrupted.

At first, I thought that rulings are pretty much everything and that there's not much more to judging. Over time, I had to learn that rulings are actually the easier part of being a judge. Player Management suddenly became much more important, because only if you excel in this field, you can keep players happy even though you don't know every single ruling from the top of your head (which becomes pretty much impossible at some point).

Eventually, I got to know more people from the company holding the licence of the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG. They had problems staffing their events, so I offered my help as I had been in close contact with many other judges thanks to eTCG.de. I started to take over the first tasks of an Event Manager and helped to find volunteers for the tournaments. Later on, after I finally got hired by Upper Deck, I became involved in other fields of Event Management like location scouting, floor arrangement and budgeting.

I've come a long way since, having acted in all possible roles on site (Scorekeeper, Staff Manager, Head Judge, Event Organizer, Coverage Teamleader). I've been the Head Judge of several Pharaoh Tour stopps with up to 1000 participants, two National Championships and even the World Championship in 2008 which marked the peak of my career as a judge. I now prefer to work in the background and let new talents take over. Even though less-experienced volunteers might have troubles keeping up with all the different challenging tasks that come up during a tournament, it's in the interest of the community to have more than one judge capable of running a tournament with up to 1000 players.

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Head Judge Worlds 2008