Community Management

Most of the work as a Community Manager takes place on message boards. No wonder I became more and more active on several websites, often filling out positions as high as administrator. (Administrator & Writer)

Most of the German World of Warcraft TCG fans meet up at The site provides lots of amazing features thanks to the awesome webmaster Tommi and I'm trying to help out administering the forums as well as providing some content.

Two weekly columns I'm writing are published on; one of them is trying to teach something to players new to the game, while the other is covering pretty much everything that can be relevant in one way or another for the community. I used to provide live coverage of bigger events before I was allowed to play, so now I'm only helping out on that end if I'm not allowed to play (e.g. for the Austrian Nationals). I'm very proud that I am partly responsible for the big success of this site and part of the amazing team that runs this site. (Administrator, Writer, Podcaster & Editor) is the largest German platform for fans of Trading Card Games. Most users in the forum are Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG players, so it's no surprise that the forum needs a well-organized staff team to keep the threads clean. With more than 80.000 registered users, the forum never sleeps as there's always someone online, posting a new deck idea, asking a question or ranting about something.

I took care of this huge forum for more than 4 years, decided to take a break in September 09 and returned as administrator in August 10 after I picked up my weekly column again a few weeks earlier and started to podcast together with a few other volunteers. (former Administrator & BluePoster)

While I was working for Station54, I was responsible for managing the official BattleForge forums. Although my involvement there only lasted a few months, I was able to establish a new moderator team and make the players feel that we care for them.

I still receive contact requests from BattleForge players here and there and I'm glad that many of them still remember me.