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Status Update August 2012|Status-Update August 2012

I'm sorry, but it took me forever to find the time to write a status update in the first place. Unfortunately, I did not feel like translating it into English as well. So feel free to try your luck with Google Translate.

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Crown of the Heavens Loot|Krone der Himmel Beutekarten

The Crown of the Heavens Loot Collection!After more than 2 years, WoW TCG Sneak Previews came back to Europe! Cryptozoic's European representative Matthias organized a fun event in our city of choice Berlin where 67 players showed up – most of them from Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Poland! Not surprisingly, my team, the Bootcamp L.E., made a strong showing and we were able to claim 4 of the top 8 spots.

I was the luckiest guy of the bunch as I took down the whole event, winning an Epic Collection as well as a Corrupted Hippogryph Loot Card! All of these items are now up for sale at If you're interested, go check them out. If you have any questions, feel free to send them my way.

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Unter den Hut geschaut: The Tale of the missing Resources|Unter den Hut geschaut: Das Märchen der nicht vorhandenen Ressourcen

Over the years I've heard time and again that Yu-Gi-Oh! didn't feature a proper “resource system”. Contrary to popular belief, I think there are quite a couple of things you have to take into account when it comes to making the best move possible in a Duel. In my weekly column, I'm talking about all of the resources that are present in the game: The Tale of the missing Resources.

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Unter den Hut geschaut: Lessons learned by playing other TCGs|Unter den Hut geschaut: Lehren aus anderen Spielen

I'm sorry I can't provide you with more exciting content these days. I'm quite stressed as we're looking for a new appartment and at the same time my company is undergoing some major changes. I'm still positive that this will all turn out great, however, don't get mad at me when I don't have time to get back to you these days.

Anyway, I still somehow managed to write a weekly column. This time, I'm trying to draw some conclusions between the workings of other trading card games and Yu-Gi-Oh!. It's quite interesting what you can learn from playing a bit of Magic: The Gathering or the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game, so go and check it out: Lessons learned by playing other TCGs.

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Unter den Hut geschaut: The 7 Stages of Grief|Unter den Hut geschaut: Die 7 Phasen der Trauer

Happy New Year everyone!

After explaining how to become a much happier Duelist last week, I'm back with some more insights about a Duelist's psychology. This week, I'm providing you with a rundown through the 7 Stages of Grief. I've experienced them after I realized I'm no longer a competitive Yu-Gi-Oh! player.

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Unter den Hut geschaut: Road to Happiness|Unter den Hut geschaut: Der Weg zum Glück

In the last article I've written this year (at least for, I'm trying to explain you how to become a happy Duelist. I did a rough estimation of the number of articles I've written this year and it turned out I must have written something like 216 articles. Alright, so much for self-adulation, now go and check out the article: Unter den Hut geschaut: Road to Happiness.

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Unter den Hut geschaut: Rabbit Season|Unter den Hut geschaut: Die Community auf Hasenjagd

The past weekend, the Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series stopped in Brighton. Here's a link to the coverage in case you're interested.

After everything was said and done and the dust had settled, the whole community started to complain about the seemingly unbeatable Dino Rabbit decks that rocked the tournament. Are they really that broken and is it really a problem that a new deck claims the top spots? I'm trying to answer these questions in Unter den Hut geschaut: Rabbit Season.

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