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Live Coverage YCS Bochum|Live-Coverage der YCS Bochum

Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series

This is it! The YCS has finally made its way over the Atlantic Ocean and will make its European debut this very weekend in Bochum, Germany! We'll be LIVE on site, providing you with all the updates of what's happening at probably the biggest European tournament this year.

To be a little more precise: We'll have 3 writers on site – PJ, Anh Huy and myself -, an upgrade to the team of Birmingham. Together with some of the great guys working for Konami, we'll make it our mission to give you the best coverage experience possible! Let us know what you think and get in touch – the easiest ways would be Twitter (PJ, Huy and soul) or ICQ (#44734926). You may also post here or in one of the popular message boards, but I guess I won't find the time between writing articles to check my blog and / or those sites.

Alright, that's it for now. I'm looking forward to the weekend, seeing and working with some great people! Be there or be square!

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My take on the Fusion Twitter Widget|Meine Variante des Fusion Twitter-Widgets

As you all probably know (at least the people who ever took the time to scroll all the way down to the footer and read it), this site is using WordPress as the Content Management System of choice together with the Fusion theme that makes everything look so sleek. Additionally, I've been studying computer science some years ago. While I'm not really into programing anymore or at least never felt like I could create cool stuff with my skills (save for example my own coverage script back in the days…), I still make use of the little knowledge I have left to tweak this site here and there.


With the latest update of the Fusion theme came a Twitter widget. It's looking pretty cool (it almost looks like the feed on the right) and I was happy to get rid of the plug-in I used before to mirror part of my Twitter feed as my theme brought this functionality now with it and it looked better. However, one thing bugged me about the widget: there was no link to Twitter, so if somebody felt like replying to one of my tweets, he had no chance to do so with little hassle. This is where my rudimentary programing skills kicked in!

Now, the feed also features a little Twitter-icon in front of every tweet and if you click on that icon, you'll be forwarded to the tweet in particular. Then, you can easily retweet or reply to the tweet. In case you're also using the Fusion theme on your WordPress site or are simply into programing and want to take a look, here's the code snippet.

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Coverage upcoming weekend|Coverage am kommenden Wochenende

After my judge comeback last weekend, I thought I could also do some coverage again. The event in question is BB Land's Grand National Qualifier Berlin and more than 100 players are expected.

Thanks to Matthias Dirksen who will most likely lend me his UMTS USB stick, we should be able to pull of a live coverage (the Multimedia content will most likely go live a little later, the data transfer rates of these sticks aren't too great). More information about the event can be found in the tournament thread on

Last but not least, this will most likely (a lot of “most likely”s in this entry…) be my final test before the Nationals where I intend to do coverage as well. My preparation program is really starting to take shape and I'm looking more and more forward to the event.

Update: A link to the Coverage of the Grand National Qualifier Berlin.

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Judge Comeback

These days, there's not that much I can or want to share on my blog, however, I got a cool announcement to make: I'll be judging at a Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG tournament tomorrow. I expect it to be fun; heck, if I'll be overly enjoying myself, I might even set a new goal for myself like head judging next year's German Nationals. You should be able to learn a little bit more of what's going on tomorrow in my Twitter feed as part of a mini live coverage.

Speaking of events, I'll also be part of this year's German Nationals' team. I applied for the coverage team, so I hope I'll be able to give all the great people that can't make it to the event a good impression of what's going on.

Alright, that's pretty much it for the time being. Don't worry if the blog updates aren't coming in that regularly, I'm doing great.

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Open letter to Upper Deck|Offener Brief an Upper Deck

My team, the Bootcamp L.E. has put together an open letter directed to Upper Deck. This way, we wanted to make the company aware of some things that are extremely disappointing to us.

We started an online petition and already saw more than 150 players signing it. Additionally, we were already able to add a Dutch translation thanks to the help of Jeffrey Verwoerd. We hope to see more of the amazing support and would like you to sign it, too!

You can find the open letter here.

P.S.: In case you wanna spread the word on Twitter, please make use of the Hash Tag #WoWTCGPetition!

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Coverage CardWars Vol. 4 Berlin

Last weekend, the now 4th installment of the successful CardWars tournament series took place in Berlin. After being inactive for quite a while in the Yu-Gi-Oh! scene, this tournament was my little “comeback” in a way as I helped out doing coverage for the tournament.

As always, you'll find plenty of articles – deck features, featured matches, blogs as well as top 8 profiles. So in case you haven't been following a Yu-Gi-Oh! coverage in the past weeks, this might be exactly what you're looking for.

Coverage CardWars Vol. 4.

Oh, and by the way: You should also check out my Twitter Feed as I had been providing live updates all day yesterday!

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I signed up on Twitter!|Jetzt auch noch Twitter…

It seemed like I was following pretty much every internet trend (you can use to waste your time) despite Twitter. Well, it finally got me interested enough to try it out, so I signed up for my very own account. You may follow my tweets either on my Twitter page or you just look at the sidebar on the right that will list the most recent tweets.