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Yeah, I’m self-employed!|Hurra, ich bin selbstständig! - Premium Web Services

A big dream of mine has come true: I founded my own company, which means I'm self-employed!

The name of the company is nexTab, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that you can learn more about it over at I will explain the meaning of the name in a post in the company blog soon, so I don't want to spoil it all just now.

The company is the equivalent of a Swiss army knife for Web Services. I offer the following:

  • Webdesign
  • Content Management
  • Community Management
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Live Coverages
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Translations

That basically means I can fulfill your every wish when it comes to your / your company's web presence. As the company was just founded and I want to draw some customers in, the prices for all those services are very cheap by comparison. If you know me a little better, you'll be aware that I always try to beat expectations and give the projects I'm involved in my all! So the quality of the work I'll provide is extremely high and it's only a matter of time until I'll eventually have to raise prices. So better ask me for my services sooner than later! 😉

Live Coverages are only one of many services nexTab offers!

No, seriously, I want to thank all you great people that helped me along the way so far as well as everyone who will continue to support me in these last stages of setting everything up. I would be very happy if you could recommend my services to anyone in need of them – a friend of yours who is trying to set up a nice looking website for their business, someone who needs help managing their community or a marketing person who wants to try out something completely new for their company like a live coverage of a company event, etc.

So head over to, comment on the first blog post (that says “we're live!”), follow @nexTab on Twitter or LIKE our Facebook Company Page!

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Is Google abusing its Power?|Mißbraucht Google seine Marktposition?


So I read yesterday in the Associated Press that Google got sued by the great state of Texas. No big news so far, huge companies like Google are getting sued all the time and well, it's Texas after all. However, the reason for the lawsuit – “[…] Google is manipulating its search results to stifle competition.” – made me chuckle and ask: “So what?”

Last time I checked, every company acted in its own interest. Why is it such a big deal if Google's doing the same thing everybody else's doing? Well, apparently because Google is such an important company. As the article correctly points out, the position in the Google rankings can make or break a company. The authorities seem to have a problem with the fact that Google “[…] has been favoring its own services in its results instead of rival websites.”

If you fail to see the difference between this claim and the first one, you're… pretty much right. Again, Google is “just” taking advantage of its position as the market leader of search engines. Why blame them? Well, for some awkward reasons, a search engine isn't allowed to show you the results it likes the most, it has to show you the results… err… somebody likes the most. With that somebody being… everybody. Or at least the Texas Attorney General.

The Google search results for "soulwarrior"

Now when I first raised this question on Facebook, a friend of mine (Donato) replied and said that everybody is applying his own scale to businesses all the time. Like when you're taking a train of Deutsche Bahn, you expect the train to be on time and cleaned up properly. First of all, that's not true (I don't expect Deutsche Bahn to be on time), secondly, I'm paying for that service. And if I'm not happy with it, I can always opt to rent a car. In other words: Pick some different provider of the service I'm looking for. The same is true for the search engine market. I don't have to use the Google search (I, personally, just prefer to). I can also use Bing or some of the other search engines out there.

I really don't know… to me, the fact that this lawsuit even exists is like saying that people aren't smart enough to realize that there are other companies out there providing the same service Google does. So anyway, let's hear from you. What do you think about this lawsuit?

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