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Oops! I did it again!

Last weekend, the Realm Championship Season 3 took place in Wuppertal. I was able to advance to the finals, but eventually lost there, just like I did in Amsterdam. However, Jonas, the winner – who by the way joined our team in the mean time as well -, was kind enough to offer me a prize split which I (foolishly rather) reluctantly accepted, so I'm better off than I was in Amsterdam. I tried to return the favor and he'll now be able to use up 900 € of the 1500 € travel voucher while I'll only use 600 € of it (although we agreed to a 50 / 50 split before).

As you can imagine, the tournament was lots of fun and I had a blast! Thanks to my great team, the Bootcamp LE (Leipzig), I could participate with quite a unique deck that was also featured in the coverage. However, I'll still write some more lines about the developing process in my weekly column Suppe für den soul that will most likely be published this Thursday.

Additionally, Friday's Schmutzige Picks will feature my draft in Wuppertal, providing you with a deeper insight on how I was able to make the cut for Top 8 (I went undefeated in the draft portion of the event). Once again, thanks go out to my team and all the cool people who cheered for me in Wuppertal, in the forums and on Twitter (speaking of which, you may find some more information about how the tournament went on my Twitter account).

Oh, one more thing: In case you're interested in purchasing the PlayStation 3 Slim Edition or a Spectral Tiger Loot Code that I won, please let me know! I also got a Red Bearon Loot Code up for sale, so just get in contact with me.

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