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Unter den Hut geschaut: The Konami Book of Etiquette Part 2|Unter den Hut geschaut: Der Konami Schreiber-Knigge Teil 2

It's been another busy week. I've been on Podcasts twice and written a couple more articles. I recommend listening to the A Question of Gluttony if you want to know about Cryptozoic's point of view regarding the WoW TCG Core Format, Edwin VanCleef and some other topics on the mind of many players. If you're German, also be sure to check out the Podcast, where we're specifically talking about the future of the game in Germany!

Back to Yu-Gi-Oh! In this week's column, I'm talking about doing coverage for official websites. There are certain guidelines you'll have to follow and I'm trying to line out as many of them as possible so it's easier for you to get a head start in the writer's business! Be sure to check out: Unter den Hut geschaut: The Konami Book of Etiquette Part 2.

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Coverage HDK 2011

Yesterday, the “Epiphany Tournament 2011” (that's a literal translation, the German name is “Turnier der Heiligen Drei Könige” or just “HDK”) was held. I was live on site and thanks to the help of Ronny, I was able to provide all you crazy duelists out there with a live coverage until 10 pm. Then Ronny (and the internet in his pocket) left, so the rest got uploaded today.

Coverage of the HDK 2011

The final result is quite cool. We got a number of Feature Matches, Top 8 Decklists, a little Blog as well as some Deck Features. On top of that, I posted a few updates on Twitter and uploaded a Playlist on with 6 videos! Take a look and let me know what you think: Live-Coverage of the HDK 2011.

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Unter den Hut geschaut: How much would you pay?|Unter den Hut geschaut: Wie viel darf’s denn kosten?

One of the “evergreens” among the topics that Yu-Gi-Oh! players like to talk about are “card prices”. There's a thread on that only deals with this single topic and it has god knows how many pages…

I thought it was about time to tackle the subject and dig a little deeper. In this week's article, I'm looking at the topic from various angles and even come up with prices for two competitive decks so you know how much you need to invest in case you want to play among the pros. Go check it out: Unter den Hut geschaut: How much would you pay?

On a related note: Harti was also able to finish another Podcast yesterday. It features Claudio Kirchmair as our guest of the week and we're talking about his preparation for the YCS in Bochum. You can tune in right here: Podcast Vol. 6.

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Unter den Hut geschaut: Yu-Gi-Oh! with Handicaps|Unter den Hut geschaut: Yu-Gi-Oh! mit Handicaps

A few days ago, I received a private message on from a user that told me about his situation; he's wheelchair-bound and suffers from an impairment of the motor nerves. He quickly added that it's no big deal for him – he's used to it and doesn't need me to feel sorry for him. I was rather impressed by the courage and attitude of the young player. So I asked him if it would be OK to write something about his situation in my weekly column.

Fortunately, Alex was fine with it, so that's why this week's column is showing you how rewarding it can be to play Yu-Gi-Oh! – it can cross boundaries and help you find friends that you would have never known if you wouldn't play the game. Read on here: Unter den Hut geschaut: Yu-Gi-Oh! with Handicaps.

On a related note, the Podcast Volume 5 has also been released. It features another special guest: None other than Umut Serin, winner of the final of the Pro Challenge that was held last weekend. Tune in while reading over my column: Podcast Vol. 5: The final of the Pro Challenge.

P.S.: As I'm doing so much for your entertainment, you could do me a favor too and check out my sponsors (in the sidebar).

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Admin Comeback

After I reinstated my weekly column, became the host of the Podcast and even started to pull some strings of the magazine recently, I decided it was about time to enter active duty as administrator of again. I have some great things in mind for the site and I think I can really contribute to its success.

I'm looking forward to the things that lie ahead of us and am grateful for every community member that welcomed me back! Here's the forum thread with a few more details.

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Unter den Hut geschaut: Draws & Podcast Vol. 4|Unter den Hut geschaut: Unentschieden & Podcast Vol. 4

I have to disappoint those of you who can't get enough input regarding the new banned list and the upcoming format. At least when it comes to my weekly column. In it, I'm tackling another big news that came out the past week: In the future, there will be draws in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG. The article can be found here: Unter den Hut geschaut: Draws.

If you're into the banned list and want to learn a little more about the upcoming format, I can recommend this week's Podcast. We invited none other than Michel Grüner as a guest and he was kind enough to accept it. He has a lot to say about the new format, so tune in and compare his thoughts to yours: Podcast Vol. 4: Banned List Special.

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Unter den Hut geschaut – Interview with Mahedi Shareef|Unter den Hut geschaut – Interview mit Mahedi Shareef

I finally did it and found an opportunity to come together with my interview partner Mahedi Shareef. I think he's a prime example of the change that can take place in the life of a Yu-Gi-Oh! player while he always stays true to his hobby. We touch lots of controversial topics, like his lead of the Yu-Gi-Oh! worldwide rankings, his suspension, the takeover of the game by Konami and we still don't stop there.

The interview lasts almost 30 minutes, so I hope many of you will make it to the end and give some great feedback. What do you think of podcasts in general and do you want to listen to more of them?

Unter den Hut geschaut: Interview with Mahedi Shareef

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