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Online Petition for the Nationals Coverage|Online-Petition für die DM-Coverage

Yesterday, I had been asked for (what felt like) the 354th time, if I would be present at this year's German Nationals. I declined and explained that I did receive an invite by Amigo, however, we couldn't come to an agreement regarding the compensation for the event.

Unlike so many before him, Giocci didn't just say “Hm, that sucks” and leave it at that; he decided to take action. He started an Online Petition with the goal of collecting 5.000 votes to convince Amigo to have me there.

I find it amusing on the one hand, but feel honored at the same time. Collecting 5.000 votes is certainly no easy task (some of my older fans might still remember how hard it was to collect 1.000 votes to see Matthias in the Hot Sauce Field Trial), but feel free to throw in your vote if you want to see me at this year's German Nationals.

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Open letter to Upper Deck|Offener Brief an Upper Deck

My team, the Bootcamp L.E. has put together an open letter directed to Upper Deck. This way, we wanted to make the company aware of some things that are extremely disappointing to us.

We started an online petition and already saw more than 150 players signing it. Additionally, we were already able to add a Dutch translation thanks to the help of Jeffrey Verwoerd. We hope to see more of the amazing support and would like you to sign it, too!

You can find the open letter here.

P.S.: In case you wanna spread the word on Twitter, please make use of the Hash Tag #WoWTCGPetition!

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