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Live Coverage YCS Paris|Live-Coverage der YCS Paris

The YCS comes to Paris!As you will certainly know by now, there's another European YCS heading your way. At least if you're living in Paris; if not, it's time to get going and make your way to the French capital (and before you get lost, be sure to check out my little travel guide)!

We expect plenty of players, 800 or more will most likely make the trip and spend some days (and nights – pun intended) in Paris. To handle all of those people, we'll have a fantastic staff team on site, with more than enough judges to answer your every question. You might have already guessed it (as I'm speaking of “we”): I'll be a member of the staff team as well. Once again, yours truly will be doing coverage together with some amazing people from Konami and last, but certainly not least, my good friend PJ Tierney.

As always, our coverage will feature

  • Quick Questions
  • Deck Features
  • Feature Matches
  • Pictures
  • Statistics (metagame breakdown, etc.)
  • and more!

So there's plenty of stuff in it for you. You can find the coverage at

In case you want to provide us with feedback or care to share your ideas with us, you can reach me via ICQ / AIM (ICQ #44734926), e-mail ( or Twitter (@soul_warrior – you may also follow the feed on the right hand side of this page). It's also possible to get a hold of me while the event is actually taking place (it's most likely I'll reply fast on ICQ, then Twitter and expect me to need some time to realize an e-mail just came in).

One last thing: We're very much interested in crazy deck ideas (preferrably those of the successful kind). If you're playing in the YCS and you're running something we've never seen before, be sure to send us a copy of the list prior to the event (please make sure it's formatted correctly; that means proper English card names) – like NOW! This will raise your chance of getting a deck feature AND make our jobs easier, so it's a win win! You don't have to explain the whole strategy of the deck, but we would like to know what makes your deck so special, so give us a little heads up.

That's it for now. Expect the live features to go up on Saturday at around 11 AM. I hope to see you at the YCS or hear from you during / after the event!

P.S.: Check out the official Konami site for the latest information about the event.

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UPDATE: Paris Travel Guide|UPDATE: Kleiner Reiseführer für Paris

Update: Granted, it took me ages. However, the Google Map I initially promised was created today. Hope it will help some of you guys! See you in Paris!

My first few travel experiences to France haven't been too positive, however, they gradually became more enjoyable. There are a number of ways to increase your chances of having a pleasant stay in the country (even if you happen to be German like me). This little travel guide is my way of sharing my experiences with you, to help you finding your way around Paris and enjoying the trip a bit more.

Getting to and fro Charles de Gaulle airport

Fortunately, it's rather easy to find your way from the Charles de Gaulle airport to the city center. Simply head for the “RER” signs as these will lead you to the express trains that head towards the city center. The ticket for a journey to the city center is around 9,- €. The easiest and sometimes ONLY way to pay (if you want to avoid standing in line for hours) is via credit card, so have one handy when you reach the train station inside the airport.

Most of the times I've travelled to Paris, I had to change at “Paris Nord”. Keep in mind that this station will be listed as “Gare Du Nord” on some train maps, so don't go crazy if you can't find “Paris Nord” on them.

Once you're in “Gare Du Nord”, you'll most likely have to switch to a subway line. Every line has its own color and number, so simply follow the signs to make your way to the correct track. Never put your train ticket away! Most of the times you have to switch from train to subway or even from one subway line to another, you'll need your train ticket to make your way to the new track.

Interacting with the French:

The French are extremely fond of their language, culture and cuisine. If you approach a French citizen and start a conversation in another language, they'll sometimes feel “insulted” as you're poisoning their ears with your foreign bullshit. The easiest way to avoid this trap is starting every conversation in French.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying you have to speak 3 sentences in French before switching to English, but a simple “Bonjour” can already work wonders. Look very sorry for not being able to express more of your thoughts in French and continue with basic English. Keep your sentences short and precise (I'm rather miserable when it comes to that). Last but not least: Be nice and keep in mind that you're a guest in their country (I recommend always doing this when you're on holiday in another country). This is a winning combo that will get you quite far in Paris.

Let me share my favorite “dealing with the French” story with you: A friend of mine went to a bakery in the morning and tried to order a baguette with what he remembered of his French classes back from his days in school. He came up with some form of a “Good morning” and tried to start the conversation by being nice and asking how the clerk was doing. The woman couldn't quite make out what he was saying and even when he tried to say: “I want to buy a baguette“, she seemed rather clueless.

At the same time, a French guy came in. He didn't greet the woman, he didn't smile, he pointed to a baguette, simply said the word, he was handed it over, paid and disappeared without saying another word.

Don't always try too hard. It can work against you.

soul's Pro advice:

  • I highly recommend the “MetrO” app that is available for iPhones (and maybe Android phones, but I don't own one, so do your own research please). The app can show you the fastest way around Paris and also works in flight mode (simply download the city map before making your trip). Therefore, you won't have to pay the ridiculous roaming costs and still have access to all the train connections at your fingertips.

  • Book. Your. Flights. Now.

    It's not a huge deal to make your way from Charles de Gaulle airport to ANY place in the city center. Don't wait for Konami to announce the exact details of the location, you can always book your hotel later.

  • When trying to find your way with the help of technology, keep in mind that there's another train station with “Charles De Gaulle” in the name. It should be “Charles de Gaulle-Etoile” or something like that. This is NOWHERE NEAR “A√ɬ©roport Charles de Gaulle”, so make sure you're looking up the correct connection.

  • Print out the tube map and mark the most important spots (airport (upper right corner), location of your hotel, event venue and train stations where you'll need to switch between lines). Even if your phone breaks down, you won't be lost completely.

  • If you're the type, check out the city. There's quite a lot to see for people who are into “touri-stuff” (I personally despise it and don't care for seeing sights like the Eiffel tower, etc. – I'll do so when I turn 40. Or 50. Or 80.)

Alright, that's it already. I hope this guide will be of some use to you and we'll see each other at the YCS Paris. Be sure to stop by, say hi and let me know what you thought about this guide.

P.S.: I'll also create a Google Map with all the important information in it once the location has been announced, so be sure to check back to the site.

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The WoW TCG EUCC in Paris|Die WoW TCG Europameisterschaft in Paris

All the impressions I was able to collect in Paris last weekend are slowly settling down. I have to say I felt a little overwhelmed right after the tournament. There was excitement – I had done well, in fact, better than expected if you would have asked me a day before, but then again there was also a lot of frustration. If I only would have played a little better in that one match, I could have made top 8. Top 8!

The Notre Dame in Paris

Seems like it wasn't meant to be this time. In a way, the whole tournament now feels like a huge déjà-vu of the German Nationals last year. I was two wins away from claiming a top 8 spot there as well and it was the first larger scale tournament I participated in. Now, after being used to playing in DMF's and Nationals more or less, it has been the first time that I participated in an even bigger tournament Рthe Continentals. Thankfully, I learned a couple of things and therefore, I'm rather positive that I'll do even better next time.

Speaking of next time, I'm not entirely sure if I can make it to Worlds. Last year, I didn't have the days off, this year, it's ridiculously expensive. It seems like a neverending story to me and there's no happy end in sight yet. I really don't know what to do, as spending 1500 € on the trip is not an easy decision.

Then again, I feel confident that I can do well there. While I have not been playing on a competitive level for even a full year (German Nationals were my first bigger event and they took place last August) yet, I learned so many things in this short amount of time. The game is just so much more than what you can grasp at first and it's an amazing experience to dig deeper and deeper into the inner workings of it. You get a “feeling” for certain moves and know when to play which cards. I would love to show off some of these skills at Worlds.

If you would be in my position, what would you do? I'm really curious and can't wait to get some feedback!

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