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Selling some Loot on eBay!|Loot-Verkäufe auf eBay!

I just uploaded some auctions to eBay. In case you're playing the World of Warcraft Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (WoW MMORPG or MMO for short), you might be interested in them. The articles are: Landro's Pet Loot Box and Spectral Kitten.

Landro's Pet Loot Box is like a lottery ticket. Once you redeem the code, you'll receive one out of these 6 cool items:

  • Etheral Trader
  • Bananas the Monkey Pet
  • Dragon Kite
  • Sandbox Tiger
  • Path of Cenarius
  • Papa Hummel's Pet Biscuit


So if you're a little lucky, some of the coolest and most sought-after pets can soon be yours!

Speaking of cool pets… the Spectral Kitten is the definition of “cuteness”! I was lucky enough to pull 2 copies of this Loot Card, so in case you're not the biggest eBay fan, get in contact with me and we can work something out!

Here are the links to the auctions:

Landro's Pet Loot Box

Spectral Kitten

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