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Mac Pro Tips – Batch Resizing Images|Mac Pro Tipps – Batch-Bearbeitung von Bildern

If you followed my blog the past few days, you'll know that I've made the switch from Windows to Mac. It didn't take me too long to figure out some ways to speed up my workflows. Today, I'm going to talk about batch image resizing as that seemed to prove like a real pain without the Microsoft Office Picture Manager that I was used to. Turned out there's a much better solution available on Mac which is just as reliable, but easier to use AND faster!

This is what you need to do:

  1. Open Automator (easiest way: Access the Spotlight Search (CMD + Space) and then start typing “Automator” – it will give you the result so you can simply launch it from there)
  2. Select “Service” from the available options
  3. Find “Scale Images” and drag it to the right
  4. Choose your preferred option whether to keep copies of the original images or not (I, personally, don't like to keep copies; I know what I'm doing most of the time)
  5. Select “Images” from the drop down that asks you for which kind of file types should be affected
  6. Select “Finder” as the only application that this service works in
  7. Select a width for the pictures (if the height of the image is higher than the width, it will scale it down so the height will be x px wide), e.g. “960”
  8. Save the workflow (e.g. as “Image Resizer (960px)”)
  9. Close Automator (CMD + Q) and that's it, you're done!

If you want to go real pro, you can add a shortcut in the system settings so you can easily access this useful service. In my case, I created 3 such services (resize to 540px, resize to 800px and resize to 960px) and I've assigned the shortcuts CMD + Shift + 5, CMD + Shift + 8 and CMD + Shift + 9.

You can now select any image in Finder (or several images at the same time), you merely need to enter your shortcut combination (or right click it and select the Image Resizer from services at the very bottom of the context menu) and you're done! It's a real lifesaver for me as I often need to bulk resize pictures; the time I save with this service will quickly add up!
Keep in mind that the service doesn't create a copy of the image (although you can force this behavior by checking the right checkbox in automator). So make sure you got high res copies in case you need them!

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Making the switch from Windows to Mac – Part 3|Umstiegstagebuch von Windows auf Mac – Teil 3

I'm afraid I didn't translate this blog post. Maybe try Google Translate to learn about my switch from Windows to Mac.

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