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Summer vacation in Rimini|Sommerurlaub in Rimini

In a way, summer vacation started today! If you've been reading some of my recent articles or been following up some of my posts on Facebook and the WoW TCG forums (like the forum of the Bootcamp L.E.), chances are you already know what I'm talking about: 3 of my friends (Christian, Ronny and Schmalle) and I will take a trip to Rimini together in a camper van! We'll leave Leipzig tomorrow afternoon and be on the road for pretty much the rest of the day. We should arrive Rimini sometime Thursday afternoon after spending the night somewhere in Southern Bavaria in the camper van.

Why Rimini, you might ask? Well, turns out the European Continental Championship of the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game will take place the upcoming weekend there. Naturally, we'll all try our luck in the main event and why not spend some more days there, enjoying the sun and company of good friends?! I'm rather excited and can't wait for the tournament to begin! On the one hand, I'm a little afraid I might scrub out early again, but I'm hopeful that my preparation will suffice and help me to advance to day 2 with a comfortable record.

On Saturday, we'll be drafting. I love drafting and tend to think of myself as a rather competitive limited player, however, I wasn't doing that well in the drafts parts of past events (save the iPod draft side events – I can't complain about my record there). Let's just wait and see how it will turn out this time, in any case, I'm hopeful.

Being the crazy fools we are, we decided to provide you with a coverage of our trip (some might remember an epic trip to Budapest which was featured in similar fashion)! We'll start with that as early as tomorrow, when a first opening blurp will go live on Be sure to check it out and leave some comments!

nexTab.deWhat else is there to say? Well, my business is doing OK, now that most of the hassles with German bureaucracy have been taken care of. I'm still waiting for a final decision regarding health care, but I guess I'll do fine as long as I don't get sick. So keep your fingers crossed!
Fabian found a nice appartment in Berlin and might take it, so we should soon be able to work on some projects together and I expect business to take off then.

So yeah, all in all, I'm doing OK. Sometimes it's hard to find the motivation to do some of the work as I'm constantly at home; I still haven't found a great solution for that particular challenge. If you can come up with some good ideas, be sure to pass them on.
On the relationship front, I'm doing great. Wincy is simply amazing, it's just she doesn't like some particular traits of this country too much (well, we share that passion in a way), so she can be a little grumpy at times. I still consider leaving the country together with her, but I don't want to do so just now. First, I want to see if my own business can turn into a success and bring in enough money to make a living. If that won't work out, I guess it will finally be time to leave Germany for good.

In a nutshell: I've been able to leave some bullshit behind (German bureaucracy) and there are exciting times ahead. First a vacation in Italy, then a trip to Dortmund to catch up with some old friends and then a trip to Madrid for the Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship Qualifier – European Championship. Who knows, maybe I'll even start picking up a tan again with all that time in South European countries?! Let me know what you think and wish me well.

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The WoW TCG EUCC in Paris|Die WoW TCG Europameisterschaft in Paris

All the impressions I was able to collect in Paris last weekend are slowly settling down. I have to say I felt a little overwhelmed right after the tournament. There was excitement – I had done well, in fact, better than expected if you would have asked me a day before, but then again there was also a lot of frustration. If I only would have played a little better in that one match, I could have made top 8. Top 8!

The Notre Dame in Paris

Seems like it wasn't meant to be this time. In a way, the whole tournament now feels like a huge déjà-vu of the German Nationals last year. I was two wins away from claiming a top 8 spot there as well and it was the first larger scale tournament I participated in. Now, after being used to playing in DMF's and Nationals more or less, it has been the first time that I participated in an even bigger tournament Рthe Continentals. Thankfully, I learned a couple of things and therefore, I'm rather positive that I'll do even better next time.

Speaking of next time, I'm not entirely sure if I can make it to Worlds. Last year, I didn't have the days off, this year, it's ridiculously expensive. It seems like a neverending story to me and there's no happy end in sight yet. I really don't know what to do, as spending 1500 € on the trip is not an easy decision.

Then again, I feel confident that I can do well there. While I have not been playing on a competitive level for even a full year (German Nationals were my first bigger event and they took place last August) yet, I learned so many things in this short amount of time. The game is just so much more than what you can grasp at first and it's an amazing experience to dig deeper and deeper into the inner workings of it. You get a “feeling” for certain moves and know when to play which cards. I would love to show off some of these skills at Worlds.

If you would be in my position, what would you do? I'm really curious and can't wait to get some feedback!

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