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Preparations for next weekend|Vorbereitung auf das kommende Wochenende

We're counting the days, waiting for the German Yu-Gi-Oh! Nationals to finally arrive. Today, I started to get a little more familiar with the coverage interface Amigo provides so I can deliver some cool impressions from the event. I can ensure you, true believers, the coverage will kick ass! We got the right tools at our disposal to make sure you'll always stay up to date and learn about what's going on in Kassel.

Other than that, things are going fine these days, but not fine enough. I miss writing articles, but there seems to be no opportunity to publish them in exchange for a fair payment. I don't know yet who I'm going to blame, but among the valid choices are other authors that took up all the available spots for cool weekly columns, God, Google and the internet.

Seems like I should start some more cool projects to make use of all this energy. In case you have some cool ideas, leave a comment, I appreciate your feedback!

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Coverage upcoming weekend|Coverage am kommenden Wochenende

After my judge comeback last weekend, I thought I could also do some coverage again. The event in question is BB Land's Grand National Qualifier Berlin and more than 100 players are expected.

Thanks to Matthias Dirksen who will most likely lend me his UMTS USB stick, we should be able to pull of a live coverage (the Multimedia content will most likely go live a little later, the data transfer rates of these sticks aren't too great). More information about the event can be found in the tournament thread on

Last but not least, this will most likely (a lot of “most likely”s in this entry…) be my final test before the Nationals where I intend to do coverage as well. My preparation program is really starting to take shape and I'm looking more and more forward to the event.

Update: A link to the Coverage of the Grand National Qualifier Berlin.

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Judge Comeback

These days, there's not that much I can or want to share on my blog, however, I got a cool announcement to make: I'll be judging at a Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG tournament tomorrow. I expect it to be fun; heck, if I'll be overly enjoying myself, I might even set a new goal for myself like head judging next year's German Nationals. You should be able to learn a little bit more of what's going on tomorrow in my Twitter feed as part of a mini live coverage.

Speaking of events, I'll also be part of this year's German Nationals' team. I applied for the coverage team, so I hope I'll be able to give all the great people that can't make it to the event a good impression of what's going on.

Alright, that's pretty much it for the time being. Don't worry if the blog updates aren't coming in that regularly, I'm doing great.

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Card Master #69 released|Card Master#69 veröffentlicht

This week, Card Master #69 should hit the shelves of a kiosk near you. Wanna know about the hottest cards from Raging Battles, what happened at the German Nationals 2009 or the future Organized Play programs? No problem, simply grab your copy.

It also features a card shooter that should be fun for a day or two.

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Interview at the German Nationals|Interview auf der Deutschen Meisterschaft

I have been interviewed at the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG German Nationals 2009. In case you're interested, you might find the article here.

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