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eBay Customer Support Turning Things Around|Das Comeback des eBay Kundendiensts

A few days ago I was ranting about eBay's Customer Support. My problem in a nutshell: I tried to sign up for the eBay Partner Network, it wasn't possible and all I received after contacting the customer support several times was auto-generated bullshit.

I'm certain that most of my dear regular readers are expecting a follow-up article with even more ranting at this point (see several articles about The PayPal Scam for reference…), however, I got some very good news in store for you: eBay really turned things around!

Kristina, who first commented on my blog post, got in touch with me via e-mail and was able to clear up the mess. It turned out that something during the registration process went wrong and once I tried a different e-mail address (I got a number of options…), I was able to finally sign up. I have no idea what will happen to the account I originally tried to sign up with, but I'll leave it up to eBay to decide.

While the domains I submitted have been set to “invalid” (again), the first hits were tracked. So I'm rather hopeful and I might have already solved the issue by submitting the domains once more, but this time with “www” in front of them (I'm working with redirects via .htaccess to avoid duplicate content; that means if you're trying to access ““, you'll end up on “” instead). Maybe this is causing errors on eBay's end, who knows…

Anyway, I want to thank eBay and more specifically Kristina for listening, taking the time to take a closer look and coming up with a solution for my problem. That's certainly the way to go and will make me want to use eBay more again!

You should do so, too, so check out the advertisements on the right hand side of the page. 😉

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