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Unter den Hut geschaut: The Status Quo 2011|Unter den Hut geschaut: Der Status Quo 2011

Better late than never, but never late is better; on Friday, I published another weekly column. This time I was trying to sum up the current status quo of the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG (in Germany). Have a read and catch up with what's been going on the past year in Germany: Unter den Hut geschaut: The Status Quo 2011.

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Unter den Hut geschaut: The Konami Book of Etiquette Part 2|Unter den Hut geschaut: Der Konami Schreiber-Knigge Teil 2

It's been another busy week. I've been on Podcasts twice and written a couple more articles. I recommend listening to the A Question of Gluttony if you want to know about Cryptozoic's point of view regarding the WoW TCG Core Format, Edwin VanCleef and some other topics on the mind of many players. If you're German, also be sure to check out the Podcast, where we're specifically talking about the future of the game in Germany!

Back to Yu-Gi-Oh! In this week's column, I'm talking about doing coverage for official websites. There are certain guidelines you'll have to follow and I'm trying to line out as many of them as possible so it's easier for you to get a head start in the writer's business! Be sure to check out: Unter den Hut geschaut: The Konami Book of Etiquette Part 2.

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Lessons learned at Worlds|Lehren der Weltmeisterschaft

The past week, I didn't find the time to write a column – the World of Warcraft TCG World Championship simply kept me too busy to put an article together. The event was amazing and even though I scrubbed out of the main event, I had a blast watching my friends make it all the way up to the final 8! I also didn't do too bad on the second largest Darkmoon Faire of all times with more than 270 players. In the end, I got beaten in the semi finals by my good friend Duncan, which meant I would walk away with something like 900,- € in prizes!

As expected, I learned quite a lot at Worlds (as I made a couple of silly mistakes). I wrote a long tournament report that will go live on DailyMetagame at some point soon, however, the lessons I learned also apply to other card games. Therefore, I decided to sum them all up and turn that into my weekly column for, Unter den Hut geschaut: Lessons learned at Worlds.

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Unter den Hut geschaut: Can there ever be Pros?|Unter den Hut geschaut: Kann es jemals Pros geben?

This week, I'm writing about “Pros” in my weekly column on It's not about better players, which is what most people mean when they're using the word, mind you. It's about “professional players” that make a living by playing a card game.

A few changes in Magic: The Gathering's OP structure, the “older brother” of Yu-Gi-Oh!, are showing us why it's a lot less likely that we'll ever have a Pro Player's Club which allows players to live off playing Yu-Gi-Oh! Read on in Unter den Hut geschaut.

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A new project, Unter den Hut geschaut & Coverage|Neues Projekt, Unter den Hut geschaut & Coverages

Wow, it's Friday already. The last week certainly flashed by in a hurry. I was constantly busy and worked 10+ hour days on 4 of the 5 days this week. Plus, there's a coverage just around the corner, so no rest for me this weekend. But let's start from scratch.

At the beginning of the week, I kickstarted my new project TCG Source. It's a new website where I try to collect all the important news about the Yu-Gi-Oh! and the WoW TCG – the two trading card games that are most dear to me. I already published an article there, trying to explain what the site is about. Basically, you simply need to visit it once a day and you'll (soon) know exactly what's going on in Yu-Gi-Oh! and WoW world. It's as simple as that! One great example is the info page about the YCS Brighton. After you've read over it, you won't have any questions and you'll know exactly how to get there, how much it costs and where you can spend the nights.

The site's still in Beta mode, though. I need more staff to update it regularly and there are also some more sections that are supposed to go live in the upcoming week. Until then, you may want to already become a fan on Facebook or follow its Twitter feed!

Then there's yet another weekly column which went live just a few minutes ago on The Plus Community. In it, I'm trying to draw a few connections between card prices and some weird ways in which the Yu-Gi-Oh! community is acting.

I also spent all Wednesday trying to break down Yu-Gi-Oh! into as few words as possible. So if you don't know what the whole buzz about this exciting game is about, check out this article on Beginner's Guide: Yu-Gi-Oh! (I just realized the good people running the site were so happy with the article it made it all the way into the featured slider on the main page. Guess it paid out to invest so much time in it).

Still, tomorrow's gonna be the busiest day of the week (that's a Spanish proverb, by the way), as I'll be doing coverage of the “Battle of Cards” in Hamburg. It's a gigantic 2 day tournament and thank's to some prizes sponsored by, it will draw in quite a few players. You can follow all the action on Coverage Battle of Cards Hamburg.

Did I mention I have to finish another article for a website that's gonna be relaunched in a few days? Well, that concludes this blog post, hope you guys will enjoy your weekend!

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Unter den Hut geschaut: Top 10 Rookie Mistakes|Unter den Hut geschaut: Die 10 häufigsten Anfängerfehler

Thanks to the Spiel Essen, I'm a little bit behind again. In fact, when I woke up this morning, I still thought I was dreaming. It was very hard to convince myself that it was actually my own bed and that I didn't stay with a friend like I did in the past 1,5 weeks.

Anyway, I published another weekly column last Friday that deals with the: Top 10 Rookie Mistakes. Go and check it out!

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Unter den Hut geschaut: Innovations preventing Cheating|Unter den Hut geschaut: Innovationen gegen Cheating

Two weeks ago, I was writing about the huge effect of the internet. Today, I'm following up on that topic although I'm changing diretions slightly. One of my readers gave me a great and fun suggestion for a new weekly column: (Technical) innovations that can prevent Cheating.

I was grinding my gears for a bit and could come up with quite a few cool ideas I guess. Check them out, leave your feedback and add your own: Unter den Hut geschaut: Innovations preventing Cheating.

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