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First Christmas with the family|Das erste Weihnachten mit der Familie

It's been somewhat of a rough week; up until Monday, Jayce was suffering from diarrhea. This was ultra stressful for Wincy as I was in Madrid last weekend, so she had to look after him all on her own and changing his clothes four times a night is not exactly fun. (Especially when you're like Wincy and you need 14 hours of sleep everyday.)

Jayce was supposed to receive some shots on Tuesday, but the doctor decided it would be best to first wait for him to fully recover. I didn't really expect Jayce to drag this out any longer and thought it might have been better to just give him the shots regardless, but in case I had any doubts whether the doctor really knew what was best, this week proved that you can rely on the proverb.

At first, we thought Jayce was simply teething again. He was often playing with his fingers in his mouth, he was rather whiny (which is really not like him) and he also had increased temperature. All of this seemed more or less like the norm for a baby teething (I'm not claiming to be an expert in the matter, but that was pretty much what happened the last four times), but suddenly, on the 24th, he started to throw up.

A lot.

At some point, we started to fear that we would run out of sleeping gowns for him. Wincy was on her fifth t-shirt (I was on my third) and we had already bathed him. Twice. Because after the first time, he threw up again…

(On the bright side, I finally learned why I kept so many of those Sneak Preview t-shirts of various TCGs…)

We didn't really do anything super special on Christmas day. I had decided to make some Christmas cookies and we stayed at home. Other options I considered were going to the gym, watching some movies and, well, just spending a lot of time on a sofa. Oh, and working. Yeah, I considered working, I do enjoy it when I don't feel like I'm forced to do it.

Anyway, at some point, when Jayce was throwing up everything we threw at him (pun intended) – including water – we decided that this was way too serious to just continue hoping for the best. So we decided to take him to the hospital.

If you ever considered going to a hospital in Germany on a holiday, be advised that this is a very bad idea. It probably is a very bad idea in pretty much any country in the world, but it's especially bad in Germany, at least if you compare it to your regular hospital experience.
I'm not trying to say that a hospital visit is one of the coolest pastimes there is, but it's certainly a lot more “bearable” on any given day that is not a holiday when comparing it to, well, a holiday…

Alright, so we waited almost 3 hours, Jayce had thrown up three more times in the meantime (two out of those three times, he had covered my shirt with a mix of spit and some other stuff I'm not going to describe in detail) and he had also started to develop a rash around the corners of his mouth.
The doctor checked the temperature (38.3 °C) and decided that they had to run a blood check to figure out whether they had to keep him in the hospital over night and try and build him up with some infusions. The test results came back and the doctor told us that his vitals were very positive; he advised us to continue trying to feed him through his mouth. Only that we should only allow him to drink little sips rather than allowing him to empty a bottle in one go (like he usually does). Regarding the rash on his face, the doctor said that this looked a lot like an allergy…

We returned home and the following night was, you guessed it, the opposite of fun. I had started to suffer from back pains after carrying him around for so long and I was really running out of patience. Somehow, we survived the night, though, and we had also increased his portions every time he got something and it even stayed in.

Jayce refilled big time on fresh air...

Jayce refilled big time on fresh air…

In the morning, Jayce seemed to be almost back to his old self – a cheerful little man that is curiously crawling around and making funny faces. I took him to the kitchen to provide some breakfast and even thought to myself “man, this still smells a lot like nuts.” Jayce's reaction was a bit more extreme – he turned around and threw up immediately.
And that's when it finally dawned on me. While he was a bit feverish in the morning the day before, the real problems only started after I started baking cookies which involved opening ground hazelnuts and almonds.

I turned around on my heel and took him out of the kitchen. He wasn't quite a 100%, but he seemed a lot better again. I then cleaned up the kitchen and put all the cookies in sealed containers. I aired out the entire apartment before taking the little one outside and feeding him plenty of fresh air.

The rest of the day was a lot more relaxed. While Jayce did sleep quite a bit more than usual, there was no more throwing up (only a little coughing up) and next to no whining.

It's certainly not the Christmas I expected it to be, but at the end of the day, we are happy that everyone's alright and we learned a new thing about Jayce. In the future, we'll be even more careful and well, I guess there won't be any more cookies. At least not with nuts.


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