About|Über mich

Oliver at the end of 2007

Oliver is charismatic, extremely self-confident, often pretending to be cocky, smart and an all around fun guy to hang out with. Even though fate (and friends alike) constantly try to make him believe that life needs to be overly complicated, he believes that one man can make the difference. So why shouldn't it be him?

He is a big fan of the “American system” in which people care more about what you can actually do rather than looking at degrees which are trying to tell them what you might be able to do.

This might also have something to do with the fact that he dropped studying (Computer Science) and instead opted to follow his calling and started working in the entertainment industry (rather than sitting in a room full of nerds that keep talking about how to best configure your server).

In the following years (2006 – 2010), Oliver developed a deep passion for Community Management, trying to advance in this field. Among the way, he picked up skills for Customer Support, Translations and Event Management, which eventually led to him ending up in Online Marketing, which was and still is rather exciting. At the same time, he got more and more into Journalism (e.g. writing articles or providing coverages of larger TCG events).

Having picked up enough skills in 3 somewhat different jobs and feeling fed up with working for other people, Oliver started his own company nexTab.de that provides a variety of online services for small and medium sized companies. Whether your company needs a gifted Webdesigner, you want to climb the Google rankings, you need someone to publish your content on your website or you want to improve your Facebook presence, nexTab.de offers the respective service for you – naturally without all of the usual Sales and Marketing bullshit.

Oliver loves his work and identifies himself with it. In fact, he gives it his all to stand out and, well, make the difference.

In the future, Oliver will not only move into the field of politics to change the ridiculous German system, he will also become a stand-up comedian, an enormously successful writer of novels and the king of the world. At least of his own imaginary kingdom.

Last but not least, he sometimes refers to himself in the third person.


You may reach him via e-mail: O.Gehrmann ]at[ gmx ]dot[ net.