Unter den Hut geschaut: 200! Inception and Reincarnations|Unter den Hut geschaut: 200! Von Anfängen und Frischzellenkuren

Wow, I've really made it. Hard to believe that the first article of my weekly column “Unter den Hut geschaut” has been published more than 5 years ago. A lot has happened in the past years, but for most of the time, you could count on one thing: You'll read an article as part of this column once a week.

To celebrate the anniversary, I'm looking back at my own inception into the game and try to draw a couple of conclusions of what's always been true for this community, be it 2004 or 2011. It's quite the ride if you ask me: Unter den Hut geschaut: 200! Inception and Reincarnations.

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