WoW TCG Worlds – here I come!


(if you really don't get the reference, shame on you and watch this video)

For the first time ever, I'll attend the World of Warcraft TCG World Championship as a player this year. On the one hand, I'm really excited and look forward to the event, on the other, I still haven't played a single game to prepare for the big event come Friday. Fortunately, my teammates of the Bootcamp L.E. have found some time to playtest and from what I heard, they have a pretty good idea what's playable and what isn't. I'll take yet another trip to Leipzig to learn everything there is to know about the format tomorrow and will then start my preparation.

If you've been following the blog, you already know that I'm quite busy these days. My company nexTab and the new project TCG Source are keeping me extremely busy and while it's rewarding to see both taking off, it's also depressing to not find any time for my favorite hobby.

Well, I guess in the worst case, we'll just throw a big party in Rotterdam. Best case would be several Bootcamp L.E. members rocking the Top 16! Keep your fingers crossed for us and hopefully see you in Rotterdam!

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