PayPal Scam Update|Update zum PayPal-Betrug

I can provide you with an update regarding the PayPal Scam: PayPal is done investigating some amounts and they returned the money that belonged to me in the first place. Well, thanks. I still think the company is on the same level with organized crime, but that's still better than me chasing my money.

While searching for more background information regarding this topic, I came across several websites that deal with PayPal issues. Most notably, [dash] a German website with quite a lot of useful information regarding PayPal. Some of their contents are rather eye-opening. You wouldn't believe what an ex-eBay Manager went through to make sure he would be protected by PayPal's seller protection. “Fast and easy” isn't the slogan that would apply to the measures he's taken.

Anyway, for the time being, I'm happy that I only have to chase 250,- € and not 750,- €. Let's see how that'll work out…

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