Essen Toy Fair Spiel 2010|Das war die Spiel in Essen 2010


The last 5 days, the Spiel in Essen was held – the largest gaming fair in the world (yes, that includes the GenCon). My good friend Christian asked me ages ago to not plan something for this very weekend, however, just 7 days prior to the faire, I was still not sure if I would or should go. In the end, I decided to make the trip (despite the train tickets being ridiculously expensive) to catch up with some of my friends, have some talks with Amigo, Cryptozoic, Konami and… well, play some card games.

My friends from Cryptozoic and Konami were caught up in meetings most of the time and there wasn't too much to talk about with Amigo, so I checked out the rest of the faire after I played some cards (on Saturday, I went 2 – 1 in the draft besides playing a horrible deck and on Sunday, I won the tournament which in turn gut me an Archives Uncut Sheet). It was probably the first time I was able to check out the faire; in the past I always helped out at some booth and was pretty caught up. Anyway, I came across the booth of the great guys from Gary Games, who introduced their very own game to the visitors: Ascension.

Ascension Board Game (Chronicle of the Godslayer)

My friend and former colleague (back in the Upper Deck days) Ryan O'Connor gave me a demo of the game and I had to say I liked it. I'm not a huge board game person, but Ascension is a little like a mix between a board and a trading card game. Some claim it's just another Dominion clone”, but even though it's also a “deckbuilding game” (a game in which you're building and improving your deck while the game's underway), there are some bigger differences between the two games (most notably: You never know what's coming in Ascension while you can decide on a strategy for Dominion right at the beginning of the game – I guess that's something intriguing to TCG players and that's why I feel like Ascension is the better fit for me).

I was lucky enough to get to know some of the cool guys from Gary Games better, including the owner (and Magic Hall of Famer) Justin Gary. I learned that Ascension has picked up a lot of momentum in the US and they're still in the process of getting it on track in Germany. Fortunately, I could be of help to the guys and make some introductions, so hopefully we'll soon see it in game store shelves all over Germany. You really should give it a try or at least check out the website of the game:

I also received a The Spoils demo. It seemed to be a good TCG, however, it seems to suffer from the same problem that already killed Vs. System: It's simply too complex for mediocre players to master, so they'll eventually get frustrated, getting beaten up by veteran players over and over again. It's too early for me to give you a recommendation, but I guess I'll keep you posted (don't expect me to drop the WoW TCG for any other TCG, that's not gonna happen).

The upcoming weekend, I'll be in Leipzig for the 5 year celebration of the local Enchilada. On Friday evening, we'll also be playing some other games and among them will be Ascension (and maybe also The Spoils). So expect some more information about the new games soon!

Let me know what you think about the Spiel and the games (in case you tried them already).

P.S.: Now, you can also find a review of Ascension in darkpact's gaming Blog.

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  1. #1 by Oliver 'soulwarrior' Gehrmann on October 26, 2010 - 13:23

    Ne, eigentlich bin ich auch gar nicht so der Demo-Mensch… ich hatte aber bei den paar, die ich bekommen hatte, überraschend viel Spaß. Nächstes Mal könnte ich also mehr ausprobieren und dann wohl auch mal Warlord. 😉

  2. #2 by Flo Ri on October 26, 2010 - 12:24

    ich mag die Regeln von Ascension, aber bleibe dann doch bei Dominion, weil es mir (im Moment) einfach eine größere Vielfalt bietet. Das Draften der Karten VOR dem aktuellen Spiel ist einfach klasse.
    Spoils halte ich auch für ein sehr schönes Spiel, ich mag vor allem auch das Design und Artwork gut leiden. Leider hab ich schon zu viele Kartenspiele, die alle jeweils einen guten Grund haben, warum ich sie Spoils vorziehe
    (Magic: Ich kann in den Laden gehen und einfach mit 16 Leuten den Draft zocken. Warlord: Ich bin im Designteam und hänge einfach an dem Spiel. WoW: Die Community auf den großen Turnieren treffen)

    Du warst ja gar nicht bei uns am Stand und hast dir von mir ne Demo geben lassen. Dann nen andermal

  3. #3 by soulwarrior on October 26, 2010 - 11:47

    Na, dann bin ich ja mal gespannt, was du so zu Ascension sagen wirst. 🙂

  4. #4 by Matthias on October 26, 2010 - 10:48

    The Spoils war nicht mein Fall. Es hat nichts spanndes geliefert was ich nicht schon in genug anderen TCGs hatte.

    Zu Ascension schreibe ich noch was in meinem Blog.

  5. #5 by Michael Böhm on October 26, 2010 - 10:14

    Die Spiel 2010 war wieder einmal großartig! Für mich als Spielefan ist das wie das Paradies auf Erden. Es gab wieder viele Anregungen für meine Sammlung und es ist immer wieder faszinierend wie es trotz der Menschenmassen möglich ist Testspiele zu machen. Ich finde Ascension auch besser als Dominion, aber mein Liebling unter den Deckbauspielen ist Thunderstone. Ist vielleicht auch mal einen Blick wert.

  6. #6 by Nelson Cazon on October 26, 2010 - 08:49

    Ich kenn Dominion nicht

    aber Ascension hat mich sehr schnell begeistert 🙂

  7. #7 by Frank Kretschmann on October 26, 2010 - 08:22

    Da hat jemand ein wirklich erholsames Wochenende gehabt und die Zeit gut zum relaxen genutzt. Gefällt mir.

  8. #8 by Lynn Stead on October 26, 2010 - 01:23


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