Unter den Hut geschaut: How much would you pay?|Unter den Hut geschaut: Wie viel darf’s denn kosten?

One of the “evergreens” among the topics that Yu-Gi-Oh! players like to talk about are “card prices”. There's a thread on eTCG.de that only deals with this single topic and it has god knows how many pages…

I thought it was about time to tackle the subject and dig a little deeper. In this week's article, I'm looking at the topic from various angles and even come up with prices for two competitive decks so you know how much you need to invest in case you want to play among the pros. Go check it out: Unter den Hut geschaut: How much would you pay?

On a related note: Harti was also able to finish another eTCG.de Podcast yesterday. It features Claudio Kirchmair as our guest of the week and we're talking about his preparation for the YCS in Bochum. You can tune in right here: eTCG.de Podcast Vol. 6.

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