My take on the Fusion Twitter Widget|Meine Variante des Fusion Twitter-Widgets

As you all probably know (at least the people who ever took the time to scroll all the way down to the footer and read it), this site is using WordPress as the Content Management System of choice together with the Fusion theme that makes everything look so sleek. Additionally, I've been studying computer science some years ago. While I'm not really into programing anymore or at least never felt like I could create cool stuff with my skills (save for example my own coverage script back in the days…), I still make use of the little knowledge I have left to tweak this site here and there.


With the latest update of the Fusion theme came a Twitter widget. It's looking pretty cool (it almost looks like the feed on the right) and I was happy to get rid of the plug-in I used before to mirror part of my Twitter feed as my theme brought this functionality now with it and it looked better. However, one thing bugged me about the widget: there was no link to Twitter, so if somebody felt like replying to one of my tweets, he had no chance to do so with little hassle. This is where my rudimentary programing skills kicked in!

Now, the feed also features a little Twitter-icon in front of every tweet and if you click on that icon, you'll be forwarded to the tweet in particular. Then, you can easily retweet or reply to the tweet. In case you're also using the Fusion theme on your WordPress site or are simply into programing and want to take a look, here's the code snippet.

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