Unter den Hut geschaut – Interview with Mahedi Shareef|Unter den Hut geschaut – Interview mit Mahedi Shareef

I finally did it and found an opportunity to come together with my interview partner Mahedi Shareef. I think he's a prime example of the change that can take place in the life of a Yu-Gi-Oh! player while he always stays true to his hobby. We touch lots of controversial topics, like his lead of the Yu-Gi-Oh! worldwide rankings, his suspension, the takeover of the game by Konami and we still don't stop there.

The interview lasts almost 30 minutes, so I hope many of you will make it to the end and give some great feedback. What do you think of podcasts in general and do you want to listen to more of them?

Unter den Hut geschaut: Interview with Mahedi Shareef

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