Suppe für den soul – Realm Champs tournament report|Suppe für den soul – Turnierbericht RC5 Ersatzturnier

Last weekend, the Realm Championship Season 5 took place. Or at least it was supposed to; due to the licensing situation between Upper Deck and Blizzard, no official tournament could be held. Instead, the tournament organizer from Reutlingen, Matthias Jedele, took it into his own hands to run a tournament.

The “inofficial Realm Champs” attracted 53 players and pretty much all of the better German, Swiss and Austrian players showed up (well, OK, only 1 Austrian showed up). I was lucky enough to make it to the tops, but lost in the quarter finals.

You can read a lot more about the tournament in my tournament report that will be published as part of my weekly column (that's taking a break from its break): Suppe für den soul – Realm Champs tournament report.

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