Suppe für den soul – The WoW TCG OP 2010|Suppe für den soul – Das WoW TCG OP 2010

Last week's announcement took most European WoW TCG players by surprise as they didn't expect this year's OP schedule to not contain any European DMF's. However, not everything's as bad as it seemed at first as European OP reps have now confirmed that there actually will be some DMF's on this side of the ocean.

That's still not all. With the introduction of the Core format, Upper Deck pretty much divided the player base with most experienced players thinking that a Best of One format can't be any good at all. I tried to look a little deeper into the topic and came up with some interesting facts that support Upper Deck's claim that the format will be good for the game.

Read more in my weekly column: Suppe für den soul – The WoW TCG OP 2010.

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