Suppe für den soul – Expectations|Suppe für den soul – Erwartungshaltung

I'm under the impression that unrealistic expectations are the main reason for people to quit a hobby, especially something as competitive as the World of Warcraft TCG. If you're not sold yet (and I don't expect you to be), you should give my weekly column a read and listen to my train of thought.

Suppe für den soul – Expectations.

P.S.: On another note: I tried to apply a lot of the rules that are described in the awesome book “Made to Stick” written by Chip and Dan Heath that I'll soon feature in the Books section. I'll just need to finish the last chapter first and find the time; as you can probably tell, I'm a little behind when it comes to updating my blog. Anyway, in case you feel this article “stuck” a little better than previous ones, you now know why!

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