Suppe für den soul – Invitational Part I|Suppe für den soul – Invitational Teil 1

Last weekend, the Invitational 2009 took place. With Jonas “ilaks” Skali, Jan “Ekop” Palys, Bernd “da_bernd” Reinartz, Vitus “Metalizer” Volbracht, Ronny “schmortopp” Schmertosch, Christian “Nemesis” Pfeiffer, Thomas “Tommi” Böttge, Kim Morawa, Andreas “both 1987” Both, Sven “Urza” Fiebelkorn and yours truly, pretty much all of the well-known German players had been present. It was an amazing weekend and we had plenty of fun! In case you're interested to read a little about it, check out the first part of my tournament report on

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