Phat update!|Dickes Update!

It was about time to update some of the work pages (as I didn't mention there although my current job is to take care of that site), so I finally did that today. I changed the title of the page about the websites I'm active on from “Websites” to “Community Management” as… well, that's what I'm doing there and I heard that's much better from a Search Engine's point of view (you might ask: Who the hell cares for a Search Engine's point of view?! – well, blame yourself as you're also most likely one of these guys who originally got aware of this site via Google!).

After providing this site with a do-over, I had to realize that the other work pages could need some updates, too. So well, I fixed them as well (some of the tags were really buggy and even though you won't see a change it will be less messy from… a Search Engine's point of view – OK, enough with the fucking Search Engines already!). On a related note: got banished from my favorite sites and took the spot.

I found 3 typos in my texts which could be considered a (sad) record, but I'm actually more shocked about the fact that no one ever made me aware of them. Dear readers, I'm a perfectionist and if I would have known that there are such silly mistakes on my web presence, I wouldn't sleep. So in case you find any more mistakes, just let me know. I'll be thankful, believe me!

Well, that's pretty much it for the time being. Check out the pages again and learn some more about my new job. Ah, and I didn't explain the term “BluePoster” so in case this doesn't ring a bell, write a comment (yes, this is actually a cheap and diabolic trick to engage my readers in a conversation! I don't mind making use of such measures!)!

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