Kartefakt 91 / Virtual 8 released|Die Kartefakt 91 / Virtual 8 wurden veröffentlicht

Issue #91 of Germany's oldest Trading Card Game magazine Kartefakt has been released. I contributed an article about a Holy Paladin for the World of Warcraft TCG as well as articles with several decklists featuring the all-new Blackwing monsters and the Lightsworns – all-ready for the new format for the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG.

Additionally, the magazine features some more great content from other writers, so be sure to give it a look.

Further, the Kartefakt Virtual 8 has been released. This free online magazine features an article about a Slow Deck (similar to the one that Stuart Wright took to a win at Darkmoon Faire Cologne!), a first glance at Raging Battles (the upcoming Yu-Gi-Oh! release), a deck feature of an exciting Deck Out deck as well as an article about the new banned list that will define the rules for the format of the upcoming 4 months.

Just click on the scan of the magazine on the right to find your way to the Kartefakt-Website.

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