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I was too lazy to translate this post. Either use Google Translate or, well, learn German. ;)

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Semi Secret Marriage

It is done! A few days ago, on the 10th of October, I married my long-time (in just a month, it’s already been 6 years) girlfriend Wincy. We celebrated with just a select few friends and members of my family (7 adults and 2 kids, not counting the marriage registrar) and we’ve only told a few more friends (maybe 40 people, probably less) upfront. Since very few of you think of me as a secretive person, I wanted to spare a few words and explain why.
(Despite the fact that up to this point, no one has approached me in a “Man, Oli, why didn’t you invite me? Or at least tell me?!” way.)

Reason #1: I’m gonna be a father!

My son's growing fast!

My son’s growing up fast!

“Man, Oli, why the fuck didn’t you tell me?!??!!”

Yeah, yeah, I know. Sorry, I would have preferred telling the world, but my better half wasn’t the biggest fan of that plan. That’s why I’m sharing the good news “better late than never” and I hope you can still appreciate it and celebrate with us.

It’s gonna be a boy and he’s due on the 3rd of January, 2015. Unfortunately, most of the people I know that have been born in January are somewhat moody (understandable, it’s way too cold in that month and if your first glimpse of the world you’ll be living in for the rest of your life is such an unwelcoming environment, it will most likely affect you in some ways), but I’m hopeful that my son can be the exception to the rule and he’ll be a very happy person.

Reason #2: Family Issues

My wife (I’m not yet used to saying / typing this) has a somewhat torn relationship with her side of the family. It would have looked more than just a little awkward if one of the newlyweds invited 40 people and the other person only brought 1, so we decided to both invite very few people.

We want to have a “real celebration” at some later point. After

  • our son is born and doing fine
  • we moved to a place where we’ll have more space for a family
  • Wincy will also be able to “properly celebrate” again
  • the “situation” on one side of the family tree has been resolved to a healthy degree

No worries, it’s not like all of those conditions have to be met for us to “properly celebrate”.

I’ll add pictures of the celebration once I get my hands on them. I focused on some other tasks, like “making sure that all the mobile phones are switched off”, “ensuring that we brought the rings”, “packing the IDs”, etc. I’m certain that the pictures turned out great since we all had a good time.

What else is new? Wincy is doing fine considering the circumstances. She’s sleeping quite a bit and very often, she’s not able to make it to work. Fortunately, her employer is very understanding.
My business on the other hand is still going great. I’ve surpassed the goal I’ve set for myself at the start of the year (turnover of 40 k €) already, so I’m now reaching for some stretch goals rather than “taking it slow” – it’s better to aim for an eagle and hit a pidgeon instead of aiming for a pidgeon and hitting a rock.
I’ll soon™ relaunch my business website and I also want to maintain a somewhat active company blog then. That’s the plan at least, but I’m hopeful that there will be some reason coming along that foils it again… ;)


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Fitness Update #2

Well, my promise to update this blog soon™ (see last post) worked out rather well, didn’t it?! Anyway, let’s not dwell on my inability to share my life with the rest of the web (we do have Facebook for that, after all…) and instead take a look at my fitness progress.

After 9,5 months

We’re getting closer to the magical 1 year since I joined the gym (another important anniversary is coming up shortly, but I will probably not blog about it here but rather on the company blog on – which is a *hint* in itself… can you guess what it is?). In case you aren’t aware of the progress I’ve made so far and you do want to know, read Fitness Progress Aug 2013.
I have, for quite a while, given up trying to only eat low carb foods. I simply couldn’t take it anymore and my craving for cookies, chocolate and bakery was simply a little too overwhelming. I tried to compensate for these sins by going to the gym even more often. Here’s an update of my fitness calendar since August:

Once again, I worked out on the highlighted days (and today!)

That's me in the shape of my life (so far). :)Yes, I did go to the gym 22 times in December…

Without further ado, this is me in my (so far) best shape ever (pic on the right, obviously).

Lately, I had to deal with a nasty cold and I then spent another weekend in Leipzig which often involves lots of less healthy food and the occasional drink (or two) with great friends. This resulted in me gaining weight for the first time in the last months. Even worse was the fact that I added a centimeter around my waist, so in a way, I was going in the wrong direction. Since that’s totally unacceptable, I’ve stopped eating chocolate and cookies and I’m going strong for… 3 days already. This is huge for me, I love chocolate, but well, fruit has to do for the time being.

Work has been crazy this year, which might have something to do with the fact that I set some “challenging” goals and am now doing quite a lot to reach them. I will talk about that some more in the near future (this time for real), but once again, I have to refer you guys to my company blog on

So stay tuned and keep your fingers crossed that I’ll reach my goals this year!

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He’s back!

Me? No, of course not, why would I talk about myself in the third person? It’s not like I ever do that

Rated-V.comNah, I’m talking about my friend Vasco, who – after a long absence – got back into blogging. He asked me to help him setting up a personal blog and here it is:

We started working on the page on Saturday and today, after less than a week, the site went live and there’s already a first post appearing. A great result and I hope Vasco will gain a strong following and his blog will rise in popularity fast!

Oh, and while you’re here, I did actually go over the about me page (because it was broken) and I added a few bits here and there. I will soon™ update this page a little more, I promise…

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WNP failed because of Deutsche Telekom

I’m afraid this rant is only available in German, so switch languages on the right if you’re interested and maybe try Google Translate.

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e-plus customer service fail

I’m afraid this rant is only available in German, so switch languages on the right if you’re interested and maybe try Google Translate.

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Fitness Progress

The past few months have been rather busy. Don’t take this the wrong way, though, I enjoy being busy. Most of the changes I went through in these months (and I’m still going through some of them) have been for the better and I’m very much looking forward to the things to come.

I’m most proud of the fact that I was able to get my work life balance “in order”. I’ve been working out regularly since April – on average, I either hit the gym or went for a run on every other day, which can be seen in this screenshot of my fitness calendar.

I did some sort of work out on the highlighted days

I read The 4-Hour Body by Tim Ferriss (who once again proved that he’s more of a marketer than an author) and tried to follow some of the guidelines, which translate to: “Cut the carbs, eat more protein.” I’m usually huge on “German breakfast” and by that I mean all sorts of stuff from the bakery, like Danish pastries, chocolate breadrolls, etc., so that was a pretty big change for me. I tried to eat more eggs for breakfast, much to the delight of my better half who loves English breakfast…

A steak omelette was one of the highlights in my new breakfast routine!

Without further ado, here are some “before – after pics” to show you my progress first hand:

Now is that a happy face or what?! - February 2013Shortly before my 30th birthday in August, I'm in pretty decent shape.

I’m very happy with my progress so far and I’m not done yet. Hopefully, there will be a World of Warcraft TCG World Championship in November and I can show all of my international friends some more progress. We called out a weight loss competition and we posted some status updates on facebook tagged #rippedbyworlds.

We got some awesome competitors who already lost more than 40 pounds, putting my efforts to shame (I clocked in at 90 kg at the start of the year and I’m now sporting around 78 kgs, so I lost like 26 pounds). Still, I’m not mad and I’ll continue to try and get this six pack going.

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